How to update your Orange PI

When you use Debian or Armbian ( A Debian variation build especially for ARM Devices), updating your System via the the APT Packetmanager is easy.

At first u need to update the list of repositories:

sudo apt update

U have to enter your Password, note u dont get any feedback on it, just press enter when u entered it. + Standard Password for Orange Pi Images is orangepi

  • Standard Password for for Armbian Images is 1234

After the list of repositories is updated u now can upgrade the System:

sudo apt upgrade

Again u will be asked for your Password.

When your connection to the repository is a bit slow u can change your repositories to a location which is closer to you. For this u have to change the repositories in /etc/apt/source.list

If u want to edit this file u can use the command line editor nano ,

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

if its not preinstalled u can install it with: sudo apt install nano

More information can be found at

U can generate a source.list convenient with this Webpage:

Here u can find a guide on howto use the nano editor: