Add a WIFI Connection

Their are convenient ways on how u can add WIFI Connection.

The first method is via the Software nmtui U just type nmtui into your Terminal, then u can easily add a new WIFI Connection via the Interface.

Another method is to use nmcli first u list the available WIFI Networks.

nmcli device wifi list

The output should look like this:

*  SSID               MODE     CHAN     RATE          SIGNAL      BARS      SECURITY
*  Orange-Pi-wifi     Infra     11       54 Mbit/s      100         ▂▄▆█     --
   A13-Wifi           Infra      6       54 Mbit/s       30          ▂___    WPA1 WPA2
   2WIRE533           Infra     10       54 Mbit/s       44          ▂▄__    WPA1 WPA2

Now u can connect to a Wifi without Password via:

sudo nmcli device wifi connect '(your wifi network name/SSID)' ifname wlan0

and to a Wifi with Password via:

udo nmcli device wifi connect '(your wifi network name/SSID)' password '(your wifi password)' ifname wlan0

Keep in mind that u dont get any feedback while u type your Password.

If u have a Wifi with hidden SSID u need to add hidden yes to the end of the command.

Now u can Check your connection:

nmcli connection show --active

To test u can now ping Googles DNS Server

ping -c 5

Congratulations u are now connected to a WIFI Network